Woo Your Partner to these Most Romantic Restaurants in Toronto

Looking for an intimate place to bring your partner for your anniversary date in Toronto? This list will surely help you with the top 3 most romantic restaurants you would definitely want to consider.

Auberge du Pommier

From the name itself, you could already guess that this is a French restaurant. With their modern French cuisine and a whopping 500 labels of wine to choose from, there will surely be one perfect for both you and your date.

Their excellent food and impeccable service is not the only thing you would want to experience. Let the restaurant provide you with an even more romantic atmosphere depending on the season. On winters, you can snuggle in by the cozy fireplace. On summers, go out and and admire the beauty of the lush, floral terraces.

Pure Spirits Oyster Bar & Grill

When it comes to romantic food, most people would think oysters. As you can also already guess from the name, oysters would be the specialty of this restaurant. In general, Pure Spirits is actually one of the best places for seafood. Their menu covers mussels, halibuts, lobsters, of course wine.

La Maquette

La Maquette was voted to be the most romantic restaurant in Toronto and this should automatically be your first bet. Just simply stepping in the restaurant would already tell you why. On some days, there would even be jazz bands playing too. Their French cuisine does not only taste amazing but even fills you with their portions bigger than usual.

The big thing about La Maquette is that many proposals have happened here. It is then no surprise that some weddings are even held here sponsored by La Maquette themselves. With two floors of brilliant architecture made for romantic purposes, couples could actually take pictures of themselves anywhere around the restaurant without worrying about the background.

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