The Top 3 Casinos You Can Play in Toronto

Toronto has a surprisingly long list of available bars, pubs, clubs and everything that makes up a nightlife culture. With all those options, there is only one thing missing: casinos. There aren’t many casinos notable however some casinos stand out better than the rest perfect for the nightlife culture.

CNE Casino

Located at the north east corner of better living center lies CNE Casino. With the casino being part of the Canadian Nation Exhibition, the casino itself is not open all year. It usually opens during the summer and for 2017, the casino will open from July 29 to September 4. Their games feature many tournaments with their $160,000 Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament Returning this year. The casino itself has an outdoor patio and lets you experience the nightly entertainment. They also serve a variety of food. It is a very general casino with no frills but that is what makes it easier for everyone.

Delta Bingo & Gaming

Their bingo games could be confusing to most new-comers but their service crew will gladly be able to explain everything they need to know about it. There are big TV’s for people to see the numbers being pulled out. In addition, the cash prizes are big here. However, a word of caution as some people take the bingo gaming seriously. Sometimes even too seriously that small acts of celebration may get some stares from people.

Greenwood Off-Track Wagering

People from Toronto would usually pass the Greenwood Raceway while going to the beach so for a tourist heading here, sometimes asking local for directions would do the trick when lost. It is not too hard to spot with this theater-like building standing out from its environment of mostly cafes.

Although it used to be where live horse races where held, people still go here to bet on horses. With dozens of huge screens, people can bet on a wide range of races being broadcasted from all over the word

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