Downtown Restaurants in Canada Everyone Should Try

Some go on adventures to see great heights and amazing views. Others do so for the food each place has to offer. If anyone is thinking of doing the latter for whatever reason in Canada, then this will definitely help them get by from coast to coast, food-wise, at least.

Hawksworth Restaurant at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia (Vancouver)

This is the perfect place to get an overall taste of what food in Vancouver tastes like. Hawksworth Restaurant has a menu that celebrates the cultural diversity in Vancouver thus offering a wide variety of food. After all, this is the five-time winner of Best Upscale Restaurant in Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant Awards.

Rge Rd (Edmonton)

People can expect creativity when checking Rge Rd’s menu. They get only the freshest ingredients from farms and produce. That said, their menu is dictated by the season, giving customers more reasons to come back.

Pigeonhole (Calgary)

Pigeonhole’s wine menu is far from the average wine list. Especially for tourists, they serve Canada’s well-known version of reds and whites and even French wines like Minervois. The food on the other hand will make people recommend them to their friends with the Nori Crumpets and the Salted Halibut Perogies.

Alo (Toronto)

Rooting the name from Latin which means “to cherish” or to “to support”, Alo ups their game when it comes to their restaurant’s hospitality with their classically prepared French food. It gives a sense of home as customers can even find out about their chefs on their website.

Fairouz (Ottawa)

Starting from Canada, moving to French, and now to the Middle East, Fairouz is the most recently opened in the list. Despite being new, their experienced chefs use traditional herbs and spices of the Middle East. With Executive Chef Ed Tawil, customers are assure they know what they are cooking.

Toqué! (Montreal)

Back to contemporary French cusine, Toqué! garnishes their plates with extreme attention to detail that customers will just want to put this on their Instagram. Especially with famed Chef Laprise, everyone will be thankful they got reservations.

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