Canadian Fast Food Chains You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Fast food chains have been a great convenience for anyone around the world precisely because it delivers food fast. McDonald’s is probably the most famous one worldwide and that of course includes Canada. Speaking of which, did you know that some famous fast food chains are actually Canadian?

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons, which everyone already knows, is popular for its coffee and donuts. The name Tim Horton is actually the name of the founder who was also a Canadian hockey player back in the 1960’s. The company started in 1964 after Hortons and his friend Jim Charade failed on a few business ventures with burgers. 3 years ago, Burger King agreed to buy Tim Hortons for nearly $11 million. Although being bought by Burger King, an American company, somewhat voids of it being purely Canadian, at least its roots were Canadian.

New York Fries

Two things can be made clear from the name itself, it’s New York and it makes fries. While the latter is true, it did not actually start in New York. The franchise all started in Brantford, Ontario with businessman Jay Gould heading it with help from his brother. Jay generally wanted to bring literally New York’s fries and bring it to Canada. It has run under his command from 1984 to 2015 when Cara Operations bought New York Fries. 10 years prior, Jay set up South St. Burger which is not as famous as his first business..

Booster Juice

Canada’s largest chain of fresh juice started only 2 decades ago and currently already has over 350 branches spread throughout Canada, United States, India, Mexico and will soon be available in more countries. Founder Dale Wishewan started off small when he studied the market for juice bars in Canada. First starting off with his family taste testing his smoothies, it soon opened its first branch in 1999. Since then it has become increasingly successful with Wishewan even earning the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award.

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