Best Restaurants Near Niagara Falls You Need To Try Now

It would be no surprise to see many tourists wanting to go and check out the beauty that is Niagara Falls. Fortunately, the beauty in the landscapes towards the falls can be translated to the delicious restaurants around Niagara Falls. That said, here are the top five restaurants located in Niagara Falls.

Casa Mia Restaurante

Specializing in mostly Italian cuisine, Casa Mia is likely to be the most convenient go-to restaurant from Niagara Falls. Local hotels even provide free shuttles to the restaurant itself. It has been in business for nearly 25 years. Customers may opt to ask help from a sommelier from their staff to help them choose a label of wine to pair with their food.

Taps on Queen Brewhouse & Grill

As the name already implies, their menu offers a variety including different kinds of burgers, pizzas, and the usual pub menu that of course goes with their beers that are brewed in the restaurant itself. In fact, everything on their menu is prepared fresh. With its old warehouse, it gives its customers a certain enjoyable feel while listening to live music on their small stage.

Pho Xyclo

As much as Pho Xyclo’s appearance may not look that great, it belies to how great their genuine Vietnamese and generally East Asian dishes actually are. The menu offers a lot of rice dishes, wontons, noodle soups, and vemicelli. People who love spicy dishes will enjoy it even more here with the option to make their dish extra spicy.


Weinkeller, which is actually German for “wine cellar” is exactly that, but it bring the wine to a more pub experience. The place is designed to be a basement covered with bricks. Their menus change seasonally with a choice of at least 3 to 5 course prix fixe dishes.

Queen Charllote

From an Italian cuisine, to authentic East Asian dishes, Queen Charlotte offers a more British experience. From the food to the its interior, people will easily recognized the British references especially with their menu having numerous British classics.

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