There are just too many delicious restaurants in Toronto as of the moment, and so choosing the best one is tough. Asking people for at least their top 5 best restaurants, no one will give the same list. However, some restaurants manage to make it on more lists than others.


Not to be confused with Bar Buca and Buca Yorkville, which are also great places to eat, Buca is beautiful place offering scrumptious Italian food. The Chef (Rob Gentile) only has his eye on quality ingredients that makes all the difference on his famed house-cured meats, pizzas and pasta.


Edulis is quite arguably the restaurant that most adjusts to the customer. The warm hospitality that greets customers as they enter surely makes them stay. They say they cook for you and they really do as customer’s preferences for their food matters most to them. Their tasting menu changes seasonally to make their food match the weather.

Bar Raval

Giving you a more intimate feel with lots of woodwork from floor to ceiling, Bar Raval is about giving its customers a convivial experience to enjoying food and drinks. This would be perfect for travelers as they open at 8 a.m. everyday. As not everyone has a high tolerance to alcohol, they offer a menu list with different Sherry and Vermouth options.


If customer’s are looking for a place to actually get full, Dailo would be the right place. With many favorites being their Hakka dishes, it is definitely a must try for first timers. They even serve hot watermelons!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Ice cream lovers would definitely enjoy this place. They have a wide variety of flavors, and some may even sound weird, but they live up to their names. Their secret is to keep their textures just right so that every bite leaves you wanting more.